Roches– because not every accountant is the same!

Just because Roches are accountants, it does not mean that we are the same the stereotypical, traditional firm of accountants. In fact, we are far from it! Of course we do the standard work you would expect from leading accountants, such as Accounts Preparation, Auditing, VAT returns and advice, Payroll, personal and corporate tax returns, tax compliance etc. However you get much more than just historical data.

You see financial sums and spreadsheets that tell you what you probably already know, at Roches we believe you should get so much more than history from your accountant. What’s more, because we are local, serving hundreds of companies in Fareham, Southampton and across Hampshire, we are able to provide you with the personal service you require and want.

Many companies in Hampshire use Roches Accountants – but why?

Its true we work with numerous companies in Fareham, Southampton and across Hampshire. Of course we started out small, but the firm has grown significantly year on year thanks to our clients. Our clients recommended the great work we were doing for them and how it differed from the ‘traditional’ accounting service. Our helpful and constructive way of accounting produced excellent results for our clients and their companies, results they advocated to others, building Roches reputation as one of the leading firms of accountants in south Hampshire.

You don’t have to continue dealing with your accounts retrospectively

Everyone says that they don’t want to pay to much tax but very few accountants in our experience are prepared to do anything about it. Running the books, handling the accounts, signing them off and passing them to HMRC like a conveyor belt is all normal practice. The problem is, this retrospective analysis means that most business owners dread meeting their accountant, they become the ‘harbinger of bad news!’ Bringing with them a summary of the accounts and the dreaded tax bill. Of course you may well ask if there is anything legal you can do to reduce your tax liability, after all your probably paying for the meeting. The problem of course is that financial year has gone; it’s all too late! The books are reluctantly signed off, you shake hands and that’s it for another year. But you don’t have to continue like this year after year.

Visit Roches for a coffee and discover how we really can make a big difference

Our clients have helped us develop an innovative approach to accounting. You see at Roches we believe that effective accountancy is about planning for the future with accurate facts and expert assistance. This surprisingly simplistic concept means that our clients want to meet us, they want to plan, and they want to define ways of making more money year on year. Ultimately, they want an exit plan, a way out that ideally gives them a life-changing sum of money with the minimum amount of tax.